Why The Futher Doesnt Need Us Essay

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written by Bill Joy ,this article ,why the futher doest need us, focuses on the most powerful 21st century technology .Robotics the article speaks about the impact artificial intlleigence creates toward the endangerment of humans.Bill Joy representation present how one day the robot race will take over once human technology has advanced so greatly and that robots will reach a stage where they can have a mind of their own and make decision for themselves.. IN science fiction movies,you may have some sentient (calculated) robots and never realized that they are forthcoming possibility.The famous inventor of the first reading machine for the blind is aman named named Kurzweil .He was proven that he can imagine and create the futher.Ray has stated the rate of improvement of technology is going to intensified and that we are going to become robot,or fuse with robots.Humans could one day gain hear invincibility by becoming one with robotic technology However Bill Joy argues against this statement and brings into account the dangers and the likelihood of a bad outcome of this path is followed.In the article there is apassage from Bill Joy included from the New Luddite Challenge.This passage constructs two alternate impression of the futher considering computer scientists have succeeded in developing intelligent machines that can do all things better than humans can do them.Both impression have negative outcome for humans. The first impression is in relation to machines permitted to make their own decision without human vigilance .The text discusses that humans will never be foolish enough to hand all given power to the machines.The text is not suggesting we willingliy give them power ,nor will they seize our power.The representation does not ever mention that the robots are evil and will abolish the human race.It speakes of our drifting under

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