Why the Dh Should Be Eliminated from Baseball

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There are many different controversies in today’s world of sports. Salary cap issues, free agency issues, and safety issues are all prevalent in many sports. However, one of the biggest controversies in my opinion is the controversy over the designated hitter in Major League Baseball. The designated hitter position was implemented into the MLB in 1973 due to the overwhelming pitching success in baseball over the previous decade. Since then, many collegiate and other professional organizations have adopted the designated hitter rule. A designated hitter is a player who doesn’t play the field and only has to hit, but more specifically has to hit in place of the pitcher. The only thing is, is that the American League implements the designated hitter, the National League on the other hand does not. The National League is considered more of a purist or traditionalist league because of this. I am here today to explain to you all exactly w hy the MLB should just get rid of the designated hitter all together. First of all, baseball is an offensive and defensive game for all players. Secondly, the designated hitter takes away the “small ball” from the game and makes a manager’s job much easier. (explain small ball) Thirdly, with a designated hitter there are a lot more “beanballs” in the American League. (explain beanball) So, let’s begin. Baseball has always been known to be a game where players have to play both sides of the ball, offense and defense. Players have always grown up learning to play the game defensively and offensively; it’s part of the game. With a designated hitter, there is no need for the players to need to know how to play defense. It is unfair, that players who are tremendous hitters but are defensively handicapped get to play just as a hitter. Technically, now a days if a player really wanted too, he may never need to know how to play a position on

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