Why The Bill Of Rights Should Not Be Changed

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Different acts of terror, especially since the 9/11 tragedy, have resulted in the change of many safety procedures. Changes in higher airport security, random search and seizures, and elevated national security alerts, have lead to further, more extreme measures of security in efforts to maintain safety. This progression of change is leading to the slow erosion of some of our most basic civil liberties. Although new anti-terror tactics are needed to protect our country, and the life it provides us, sacrificing our Bill of Rights robs us of the very thing we are trying to protect. The Bill of Rights should not be changed because it protects our rights, it is the foundation and framework of this country, and will result in the…show more content…
government spy on Americans in suspected terrorism cases. Because it is not clearly defined the actual qualifications to be considered a terrorism suspect, anybody can be subjected to wiretapping, eavesdropping, e-mail screenings and other privacy invading acts. The governments disregard for our privacy rights is a troublesome thought because it questions how far it is willing to go in the name of anti-terror. The birth of this nation began by breaking free from the British chains that weighed us down. The foundation of this country was built on the idea of freedom. Freedom is the core, the soul, the energy that drives us into being the greatest nation in the world. If we aren't "the land of the free," what are we? Some people want to change the Bill of Rights because they believe it will strengthen and bring security to this country. If we begin drilling holes, and cutting pieces, we weaken its structure, which will inevitably lead to the fall of the very definition of this country. We are on the path of destroying our own country. We must protect our freedoms. We must protect the foundation of our nation, for if we don't, we shall

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