Why Terry Fox Is a Canadian Hero

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Terry Fox could be considered one of the biggest and most inspiring Canadian hero of the 20th century. Instead of crumbling in self pity after he had his right leg amputated when diagnosed with bone cancer, march 1st 1977 ("The 10 Most Inspiring Canadians" 8), Terry decided to run from coast to coast across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research. He began by dipping his leg in the Atlantic ocean at St.John's Newfoundland on April 12,1980, with the goal of dipping it in the Pacific in Vancouver, BC, months later (TheStar. web.). He ran an average of 42 kilometres a day with a hop/skip running style. No one had ever done anything similar to what Terry was doing (___). Unfortunately, Terry was not able to finish his cross country marathon as the cancer had spread to his lungs, he passed away on June 28th 1981 (___). Terry Fox's 'marathon of hope' still counties today and has raised a significant amount of money for Cancer research. Terry was a very courageous man, by risking his own health to try and help others with cancer or a disabilities. He also inspired many, and left a long legacy behind him. Terry gave his mind, soul and body to his nation. This is a true hero. Terry Fox ran for humanity not only for himself. Terry Fox was a great person whom nobody can forget. "Somewhere the hurting must stop . . . " He said this to everybody and he wanted everybody to help the Cancer Society of Canada. Terry endured things very few people would be able to. Terry's left leg was very strong. His right was a stump fitted with an artificial limb made of fibreglass and steel. He'd lost the leg to cancer when he was 18.Terry knew how to cope with pain though. He'd run through it as he always had before; he'd simply keep going until the pain went away. Terry ran for 143 days, and 5,373 miles (Terry Fox & the Terry Fox Foundation. Web.) in the name of

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