Why teenagers should have part-time jobs?

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Nowadays, many high school students, who are at their teen age, start working part-time jobs. Some people think this is bad idea, since students will spend more time on working and dismiss their studies. On the other hand, I believe having jobs for teenagers is good because of several reasons. First of all, teenagers can earn work experience even before graduating from high schools. They have the opportunities to participate in many kinds of work and see how it’s like to have a job. Instead of just gaining knowledge theoretically, teenagers now can apply what they learn in schools into real life. For example, a student shows great interest in business. So he gets a job as a seller and experiences how business goes in reality, not just read a book about selling without any practical application. He can also experience how it is like when having a boss. Thus, having jobs helps teenagers earn experiences. Moreover, teenagers can learn to manage their finance through the using of their salary. When having jobs outside schools, students are paid correspondingly. They now can make money on their own instead of just being dependent upon the money supply of their parents. They learn how to use their money effectively, because when making money by themselves, they know how difficult it is to earn for living. For example, before having a job, a girl was dependent on her parents’ money for her living expense. She didn’t know the difficulty of making money. But now working as a waitress in a restaurant, she realizes it’s hard to earn money and begins to use her money more efficiently. Thus, teenagers should have jobs, since they can learn how to manage their finance and use it unsparingly. In addition, having jobs also renders teenagers to experience the feeling when working with many different people. In schools, teenagers only focus on their studies and hanging out with

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