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Brittney Spellman February 15, 2015 EDU 210 Jamie Morris Why Teach? From the fields of lawyers, architects, policeman and politicians the one thing they have in common is they had teachers who taught them and inspired them to progress in life. I define teacher as one who encourages others to reach for their dreams. To be able to teach someone means that communication and respect were established. I am going to tell why I would like to become a teacher. There are many professions in the world that I could’ve chosen for my personal career path. The fact of the matter is that none of them measured up to becoming a teacher. I have chosen to become a teacher because I know that I have the abilities to motivate people into learning. It was Janis T. Gabay a high school English teacher who said “education affects me as a whole person.” To me this means education while out in the world will affect me in my everyday life. Growing up in a rural neighborhood I did not have much to look forward to except to probably become another statistic in societies eyes. My mother and my fifth grade teacher Mr. Connors were the people who changed that for me. Elementary was a crucial time in my life because of where I had grown up but also because I was soon to become a young lady. At a young age I had to begin thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I now want to be a teacher not for the pay, the long holidays nor the staff development days. It is because like my two teachers who I mentioned above paid it forward I want to also pay it forward to those who have gone through similar situations. I want to teach as well as be taught by those whom I teach. It was Sharon M. Draper a high school English and Language Arts teacher who said, “I have learned as I taught, for I feel that active learner is the best teacher. Marrilyn Whirry

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