Why Take Biology Class

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Biology Essay- Values of Enrolling in the Sciences Is high school a good thing or bad? Should you put in your time to take this course when you could be doing something else? Well that’s what I’m here to point out. Taking a biology class doesn’t pop into your interest like dance or drama would but it does have its values. It will allow you to get into a career of your choosing if it’s a science one or close to it. You learn new things that you wouldn’t in any other class. It could also come in handy in a day to day situation such as the environment. My opinion is that it is a good course to enroll in; the experience you acquire is beneficial to you and whatever you do. What kinds of careers can be taken when you apply yourself to the sciences? Tons. Doctors, Paramedics, and a Microbiologist, are just a few to name. There are a lot of jobs that you can take and enjoy. It’s all about what you want to do. Going into the science field alone, not talking about any specific jobs, you’re looking at 25,000 to 200,000 a year in earnings. The higher your position in your field the higher your payment is. As for school, most of it arranges between 2 years to 7 years of college or university to get into the field. It may seem like a long time but it’s worth it in the long run. The things you learn are amazing and you would never expect to learn such things from a science class. You think that you know everything there is to know about biology so you take it as an easy class. Well in my own experience on going through the biology class and others similar throughout my schooling I have learned many things. Something that would be an example would be the plants unit and virus units. Those subjects have been the most learning experience for me. Another example would be my older sister. She hated science for the most part of her schooling until she got into high school and
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