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Why Study History Essay

  • Submitted by: marimi
  • on September 23, 2012
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The Week 1 Topic: Explain why it is both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history, especially the experiences of participants in that history, in order to understand what is valued by these participants. Also, what resources will be most helpful to you as a student of history?

History has always been one of my favorite subjects. Studying history helps us know who we are and lets us understand the causes of certain issues of today. History is “a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes; events that form the subject matter of a history or events of the past” (Miriam-Webster, 2011).

History is like a story that is told in a political and educational manner. Learning how the past shaped a country and the leaders that had a part in it helps us understand that country’s ways and interactions with others (countries). It gives insight that mistakes made in the past won’t be repeated and lessons will be learned from those mistakes. On a positive note, by learning about history participants, one can find a source of inspiration from their courage, diligence and leadership styles.
Learning from past mistakes is a huge factor in why people succeed today. In past wars for instance, military leaders would study their enemy’s war tactics and maneuvers. Using the enemy’s past actions, military leaders could anticipate their moves and predict the outcome of mostly likely courses of action.
There are many ways to learn about history. The most helpful resources to students learning about history are primary, secondary and tertiary sources.   Primary sources pertain to those directly involved in a situation. Unfortunately, when studying history of the past, many of these sources are no longer alive, but there are books, letters, and drawings by those who participated in or witnessed the events being recounted. For example the Diary of Anne Frank is a form of primary...

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