Why Students Should Not Have Phones at School Essay

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Cell Phones or No Phones: Should Students Have Phones at School Imagine you just got a new phone and you can’t wait to take it to school. You get to school and you get into a class that you don’t like very much so you try to hurry to do all your work. You take your phone out to text your best friend and you don’t see your teacher walking by. You see your teacher and you hurry to put your phone away but it drops onto the floor and the screen shatters. Would you risk texting and break your brand new phone while doing it? In this paper I’m going to list all the cons of having phones at school like cheating, loosing it and non educational purposes. My first reason is that the cell phones could be used for non educational purposes like prank calling students during school, cheating and even cyber bullying. Students can cheat by texting their friends to tell them the answer. Students could sneak and text during class and their teachers won’t notice. Ever heard of the phone reading? So students put their phones in their book and pretend like their reading but they are actually texting friends.You could also get distracted while texting and you could miss some valuable information. Students could also get caught up in abbreviating their words like “wassup” “wyd” wduwttb” and way other words. I also catch myself doing that and I try to prevent it. My next reason is it disrupts they class. Ever wonder what it sounds like when there is a bunch of students texting and on their phones? I bet it sounds noisy and unorganized. If a student is on their phone it directs the people who aren’t on their phones. Remember school is for learning not a place where you can lounge and text on the phone all day. That’s why we have the weekends. And when your phone buzzes or rings you teacher has to find out where the ring came from. And if you do not confesses you could get your

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