Why Stop Rape Essay

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Rape is a crime that dates back to dates antiquity, and has such a history that this crime is mentioned in the writings of the Bible. In the early history of rape, rape was considered a property crime who whom the women “belonged” to but as the crime of rape progressed from the classical antiquity age of Greece and Rome into the Colonial period, the crime of rape became a serious offense. Ever since rape has been dated in history, rape has been a serious crime in Europe and ranked along with crimes such as arson, treason, and murder. Those who were found guilty suffered brutal and inhuman punishments and in the 12th century the victim had the power to execute the perpetrator themselves. The victim had the option of executing the perpetrator to gouging out the eyes and or cutting off the offender’s sexual organs. Since rape has a psychological effect to its victims, rape is also used in war as torture to give indignity to the enemy and because of this factor rape has been considered to be a serious crime. In modern and ancient times people has used rape to gain control, to feel dominant, and to indignity their opponents, creating a conflict within society and because of this reason, it is important for all of society to exert extreme punishments to bring an end to this inhumane crime. The crime of rape ranges from date rapes to statutory rape. Many might think some rapes are less severe than others but rape is still annotated as forced sexual intercourse of any kind. Rape has become one the most despicable crimes in America and because of the psychological harm done to the victim in the process and because of fear created from the event, 84 percent of this crime is not reported. Rape is such a serious crime to humanity because it is not a crime that can be fixed by punishment but instead this crime leaves an emotional scar to its victim as well as humiliating the

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