Why Sports Develop Good Character Essay

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WHY SPORTS DEVELOP GOOD CHARACTER Sports are physical activities usually played with 2 or more people. Sports are not computer games even WII computer games. If sports do not have any physical activates than they will not develop a good character. If sports do have physical activity, Sports will develop good characters because they work some one out, allow people to meet and work with new friends, and they make self confidence. Sports good character comes sometimes by working the person out. What I mean by working that person out is making them physically tired and being pushed also helps. Pushing someone further than they think that they can go develops good character by teaching making them feel that they can do more. Also making it so that they can easily see improvement makes them want to do it more which makes them better athletes Allowing people to make new friends and work with them, which you do in sports, makes them athletes have better character. In sports you usually do it with new people who you don’t know the first day, and you are usually shy with them. But later, you get more confident and less shy. If you know this than you should easily find out that I am trying to say that sports make you less shy. Sports also make you have more new friends, If you do a sport next to your home you might see your new friends a lot and If you have the right equipment than you can play the sport agent them often. Last, Sports develop good character by devolving self confidence. Self confidence is when you are confidant in your self that you can do something your self and it brings you to understanding your limits. But it also makes you know when you can break a limit or when you can’t push your self any further. Self Confidence also makes you sure that you can do something. All of the reasons help people have a good character by letting them know what they can

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