Why Sports Are Good? Essay

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Why Sports Are Good, Not Just for Health, But For Life! By GRACE G. DE VERA, Liberato Damian Elementary School, Pasig City (Rizal High Students during the Pasig City Meet) For those who have grown up playing sports, know how important it is in shaping an individual and a healthy life. However, for those who have had a more sedated lifestyle, could help from taking a leaf from sports enthusiasts and maybe take up a sport or two and make their lives healthier and happier. Sports teaches you a number of things about life, and today we are going to discuss just a few ways in which it plays an important role in shaping your mind, your body and your life in general. It is important though, that you pick port that suits your lifestyle and not something you will adopt on a whim and forget about even sooner. Preferably, team sports are the key towards building your overall personality. Sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, table tennis and many more can indeed help in shaping a new you. Sports do not only help in building your mind and body, but they teach you a number of things with regards to leadership, friendship and people in general. You will indeed become a little bit wiser everyday when you make at least one sport a part of your life. So, let’s take a look at how sports can add a new dimension to your life and health. Friends for Life Playing sports bring people together. Playing for teams and having each other’s backs ensures that you make friendships on the field that extend even off the field. Friendships that are formed in school playing sports often last for your years. Confidence Sports plays a very important role in building confidence in an individual. When one plays sports competitively and has fans and supporters on the sidelines cheering them on, it is indeed a feeling of great joy. A goal, a basket and a home run can not

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