Why South Africa Acquired Nuclear Weapons

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Title: Select a suitable state and account for its decision to acquire or not to acquire nuclear weapons Student name: Jamie Donnelly Student number: 110307363 Word count: Module code: HI Date due: 21/02/2014 Select a suitable state and account for its decision to acquire or not to acquire nuclear weapons. The country I have chosen to investigate is South Africa. The reason behind this enquiry is that in comparsion to the other countries listed as having nuclear weapons, South Africa does not have a neighbouring country in possession of similar armour. For this reason, I feel it would be intreguing to find out the reasoning behind the Pretoria-based governments wishes to invest in such weapons. In such an investigation, one has to look at the domestic politics and the internal affairs concerning the development or non-development of nuclear warheads. Along with this, one also has to take into consideration, the larger effect in the international scale, which in this instance is primarily affected by the national security of the country in question. In South Africa, both the national security and domistic politics play a huge role in the reasoning behind the development of nuclear warheads. However, one could also see it as either domistic politics or national security issues were the sole cause for the developments. It is understood that in the 1970's that Africa - as a continent - was undergoing change. This included the intervention of Cuban forces in Angola in 1975 along with growing Soviet Union influence in the continent. Those who believe that national security concerns were the reason behind the construction of nuclear weapons would argue the point that Soviet Russia's presence in neighbouring countries activetly forced South Africa into producing such damaging products. On the other hand, many believe that the government wanted to further
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