Why Some Roommates Don't Get Alone

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Renee McNeill C. McDonald English 111-01 12 July 2012 Why Some Roommates Don’t Get Alone Many students can’t wait to attend college, just to meet their roommate. A mystery person you been praying to meet for the past month. However, when you meet this roommate everyone is very happy at the beginning. Both of you started hanging out doing many things together just to get to know each other. Then once you start getting to know that person better everything starts to change. Little do you know this person who appears to be nice and clean isn’t really who really who they appear to be. Meanwhile, something took a wrong turn causing everything to go south. This turn caused you not to get alone with this roommate anymore because of their living conditions, the friends he or she hang out with, and their attitude. A person can look as if they are the cleanest person you have ever met but you will never know until you have to share a room. This mystery person was the baby of their family so everything was always handed to them. He or she never had to pick up behind there self, take out trash, or do any cleaning. They were always treated like a king or queen so they never had to do anything. However, when they move into a dorm room with someone who doesn’t like to keep a dirty room, it creates problems. Big problems to where someone has to move out. The first problem gets started when he or she didn’t want to clean up, leaving trash in the middle of the floor just before it was time for class. At times trash would also be left on the desk and will sit there for weeks before they would clean it up. He or she always had someone to clean behind them so they think it’s ok to leave trash wherever. By this person never having to do any cleaning it causes them to become lazy and very nasty person. They expect for their roommate to become a maid in the room to clean after them

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