Why should we not stereotype?

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Why should we not stereotype? Many people everyday stereotype a person whether it be a serious situation or not. Many joke with friends and find it fun. What they don’t know is that it could really hurt those friends’ feelings. I find myself stereotyping all the time. It’s not that I mean to but it just kind of happens. I am going to explain what stereotyping is, the different classes that stereotype a lot, as well as find the problem and solution to stereotyping. Stereotyping is defined by the University of Colorado as making generalizations or assumptions that people make about the characteristics of another person. Those assumptions are often wrong and are usually made off the image of this person or by what group they hang out with. There are many things in the world besides us people that stereotype. The most common that we might not see or might not think about is the media and education systems. The media is one for sure that we could see every day if we just thought about it. The paparazzi are the most common amongst all media. You will always see those cameramen taking pictures of a celebrity just waiting for them to mess. Once they find that one slip up they will gang up on that person. One thing we hear all the time is when someone is starting to gain weight, they automatically say that that celebrity is pregnant. It is one that we might hear for the rest of our lives because it is the easiest to get on a person about. Another one you might hear a lot of is that a celebrity or athlete is deemed a criminal or an alcoholic for their actions in public. Education systems are found doing it a lot too even though the faculty doesn’t realize its happening. Teachers could be found calling on students more often than others just because they consider that student a smarter student than the rest of the class, or they just see them as a better student

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