Why Should We Accept the Authority of the Government? Why or Why Not?

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Why should we accept the authority of the government? Why or Why not? The social contract is one of the most important philosophies behind the formation of governments in the modern world. Its principles are used for the functioning of nearly every true democracy today. Its main principle is the consent of the subjects to be ruled by the rulers. The Social contract theory set foundation concepts that became the underpinnings of democratic government. The social contract philosophy influenced the implementation of democratic government in many countries and had particular influence on the framers of the U.S. Constitution. However I believe that there are a few laws which are undermining the original notions of the social contract. There are many complex issues but in this paper I will argue that the practices of our government frequently undermine the original notions of the social contract theory. In this paper, I will discuss why the current federal system of government in the United States is failing to meet its social contract obligations to the American people and why certain laws make us question the acceptance of the authority of the government. However, I also believe that abolishing the authority of government would only bring chaos into our society. The fundamental basis for government and law in the United States is based on the concept of social contract. The government's main and only goal in the social contract is to protect its citizens. The contract involves the notion that people assume certain duties and accept certain restrictions on their liberties in exchange for protection and society. The social contract theory runs on the idea that those in power will rule in a fair manner and work to maintain society’s individual liberties to the best of their ability (Pollock 2007). Although, the government was founded on the concept on social
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