Why Should the Us Increase the Use of Nuclear Energy

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As many other countries increase the use of nuclear energy, they are getting more and more effective in the way that it is being used and in a way for it not to be harmful. In saying this nuclear energy is becoming safer, cheaper and reliable, and good for being used as an economic engine, and we can see all of this in how the other countries outside of the United States are using it. The use of nuclear energy should increase in the United States, its power and strength will be good for our nation. Starting about forty years ago, Americans have been becoming worried about pollution and nuclear energy can become a “savior” to all of these worries (Alexander 1). Nuclear energy is considered safe for the environment and safe for humans. Radiation levels will probably never reach a high enough point to cause radiation sickness or cancer (Epstein 1). It is extremely unlikely for a large amount of radiation to be released because of the numerous kinds of shielding and containment mechanisms that are built into and around the power plants (Epstein 1). It has been produced for over half a century and there are still no known radiation related deaths (Pietrangelo 1). These power plants produce no pollution (Alexander 1). All of the waste that is created can either be stored away or reused (Epstein 2). There are no smokestacks being spewed into the air, which means that we are not able to breathe in any oxides that may be produced (Alexander 1). The way nuclear energy is being processed is through a process called nuclear fission (Alexander 1). Nuclear fission produces no greenhouse emissions (Alexander 1). This is also good for our atmosphere (Alexander 1). As nuclear energy is produced, there are no sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides being produced with it, unlike the burning of fossil fuels (Rastogi 1). These oxides can cause acid rain which is very bad for the environment

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