Why Should Students Study Shakespeare?

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WHY SHOULD STUDENTS STUDY SHAKESPEARE? Shakespeare, one of the well-known and famous play writers for centuries around the globe whose plays are worthy for students to study. Shakespeare wrote lots of plays which are still broadcasting around the world by movies, dramas and shows for instance, Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare used brilliant literary devices in all of his plays, however, his plays are hard for younger students to interpret. Shakespeare’s plays were all written between the times when England was still using old English, so lots of students won’t be able to distinguish which words’ definition Shakespeare was referring to. But on the other hand, students could actually learn more about old English with Shakespeare’s plays. To start with, students should study Shakespeare because Shakespeare’s plays were written in depth. Shakespeare knew what were the human conditions and made every of his characters precisely and made his audience feel how different humans are with animals. Not many of the plays were written like Shakespeare’s with human conditions, from the human conditions, students must benefit from analysing Shakespeare’s characters. One major advantage of analysing or annotating Shakespeare is to let students learn more literary devices that Shakespeare used in his plays to develop a character. Such as Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote it as a tragedy to show how the loved each other. Shakespeare uses human conditions, such as envy and jealousy. These must help the students to think more, read in depth, and analysing better. Therefore, students should study Shakespeare. Besides, Shakespeare’s wrote plays consists lots of different genres, preparing for high school, university or even jobs. Shakespeare must benefit some jobs such as teachers; the teachers may need literary devices, or even writing skills and vocabulary to
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