Why Sex Is Fun?

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Why is Sex Fun? by Jared Diamond Book Report In the book, Why is Sex Fun, Jared Diamond discusses the question, what were the lifestyle changes and inherited constraints that formed the evolution of weird sexuality? Weird sexuality is the comparison of human sexual habits to animals such as fish, monkeys, birds, and many others. The six main distinctions between humans and animals that Diamond addresses are marriage as a partnership for joint rearing of children, having sex with one partner, having sex in private, couples living in society among other couples with whom they cooperate economically and territorially with, concealment of human ovulation, and female menopause resulting in human copulations occurring at times unsuitable for conception. Diamond covers each one of these points in the chapters and relates them back to the evolution of our sexuality. He approaches each topic by addressing the question through his personal experiences and tries to prove them through examples of three different types of animals. The book refers back to Darwin a lot explaining that the traits varied how our behavior changed. For example, the evolution of females hiding their ovulation period leaves the males with no signs of determining when the female is pregnant. Because of this the males will more likely stay with that female to ensure that his genes are passed on. If the male were to have sex multiple females then he would not know if he was the true father of the offspring. Consequently, he would rather stay with the one female to ensure that his genes were passed on. Diamond focuses on the point that animals all act in a way that passing on their genes is their ultimate goal in life. In the novel, Diamond claims that the concealment of ovulation leads males to be more willing to stay with the mate. An example of this in our society could be that women are
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