Why Schools Shouldn't Have Mandatory Uniforms

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Why Schools Shouldn’t Have Mandatory Uniforms School Uniforms have been enforced in many thousands of schools as an attempt to organize and focus students. Although, uniforms have not been proven beneficial in any significant way, but instead have been proven to have a negative effect on students and families. Three topics of interest around this subject are the overall cost comparison, reduction of individuality between the students and the question of whether they hurt more than they help. First, the overall cost of uniforms is extensive. Just the uniform can cost hundreds of dollars. One family spent 250 dollars on just two uniform sets, while many other students insist on buying an outfit for every school day. This cost is on top of the “street clothes” that the students will want for after school, so their uniforms won’t get wrecked so easily and so they won’t be made fun of. Another towering cost is dry-cleaning. Many schools ask for their uniforms to be dry-cleaned because otherwise, they will become thin and frail. Just one week`s dry-cleaning adventure can cost upwards of 100 dollars. A very annoying addition to the cost is buying replacements when the student is careless, or there was a manufacturer flaw. Many families with children in Public School will have to buy countless new uniforms for their children and families with High School students will still have to pay for the occasional (hopefully) uniform replacement. In short, the colossal overall cost of uniforms can become a large obstacle in the way of trying to enter a child into a private school and can overwhelm many families. Second, individuality between students is severely reduced. Creativity between students is reduced, because the ideal of a student in a “uniformed” school is that he/she becomes a lawyer, doctor, scientist, etc. The problem is that there are people who are designed to

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