Why School Should Start Late

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Why School Should Start Later Students need sleep. A study done at the University of Minnesota reported that schools with a later starting time produced students who were not as lazy, received better grades and were not as depressed compared to students who had earlier school start times. (Regional News 6) It has been scientifically proven that kids in their teens need around 9 hours of sleep, but a study done by the National Sleep Foundation proved that 25 percent of teens get less than 7 hours of sleep. (Regional News 6) It has been scientifically proven that the sleep cycle of the average teen is later and longer than the average adult and doctors have reported that earlier start times are actually hurting students, causing them to have health problems, and some have shown signs of being emotionally depressed. Students would perform better if they had more time before school to eat breakfast, they also would be more rested and not feel drowsy during classes, and finally wont be home alone for too long after school enough to be mischievous. School should start later because if students would have more time before school, they would have time to eat a fully nutritious and healthy breakfast. Growing up, teachers and parents have both emphasized that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it fuels a person throughout the day. Although more time may be needed before school to dress, shower and eat breakfast students and some parent don’t realize that if school started later, bus routes would have to be shifted and employee’s contracts and work hours would significantly change which the School District has predicted to be a $220 million cost which board members are not eager to sign (American School & University). “We need more sleep. Teen sleep patterns are late-set.” says Lucas Wray who believes that school should

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