Why School Is Important Essay

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There are many things that a person can get that are important or just make life easier. A high school diploma is both of these things. Although a high school diploma may only be the start of one’s education, it is the foundation needed to continue schooling. Many employers look for a high school diploma when considering to hire a person. Not having a high school diploma can say a lot about you. It shows that you didn’t care enough to finish school or that you were simply to lazy to do the work, even if that isn't the case. When employers see that you don’t have a high school diploma they normally won’t even consider you for the job because of what it says about your character. Also, they don’t want an uneducated person because they may not be capable of doing even the simplest of tasks. A high school diploma is also needed to further your education. All colleges require one to even be thought about being accepted. When you are accepted into a college, you have the opportunity to get a degree in any field that you choose. When you finally get the degree after years of school, you may now be be able to get a job. Because you have a higher degree than a high school diploma, you are more likely to get hired than someone else who does not. You can also get a higher paying job with your degree. Research shows that a high school dropout will earn about $300,000 less over their life than a high school graduate. Someone that furthers her education even more, like at a college or university, will earn more money than a high school graduate. A high school diploma can give you more than just an education or a high paying job with a fancy degree. Some people may be done with their school days after graduation, which isn’t bad. Going to school for thirteen years is a long time and its something to be proud of. Finally earning the high school diploma gives you
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