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My long-term career goal is to become Athletic Director at an NCAA Division I institution, and I realize that such a lofty aspiration requires the dynamic skill set that an MBA from the Georgetown MBA Program will provide. When I made the decision to officially retire from professional football in May 2003, I did so with a very clear understanding of my strengths and what I hoped to contribute to society in my lifetime. I consider my life's goal to be the empowerment of our country's youth, and I believe that I will find my niche in this movement guiding the lives of the young men and women who compete as student-athletes at colleges and universities across the country. Today's student-athletes are destined to become tomorrow's leaders, and I am committed to touching their lives in a positive and inspiring way. I want to guarantee that their college experience reinforces the notion that above all, people are the most valuable resource in the success of any organization, community or team. This past summer I began pursuing a career in athletic administration with hopes of impacting the landscape of college athletics one student-athlete at a time. In September, I accepted a position with the New Business and Fan Development Staff in the [deleted] Athletic Department. This position has allowed me to remain close to my football roots while serving as a role model for the young men and women who compete for the [deleted]'s various athletic teams. My responsibilities have included everything from market research analysis to developing and implementing a marketing campaign for the 2003 Heisman Trophy runner-up. Despite my many contributions to the [deleted] Athletic Department, I am finding that arming myself with an MBA will allow me to affect the most significant change in college athletics. The Georgetown MBA Program is the perfect vehicle to broaden my business

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