Why Public Speaking Is Important? Essay

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Why Is It Important To Study Public Speaking? Every day we receive a huge number of information from many people by public speaking. Therefore, public speaking is an important part in our life. However, not all people can do it easily. Public speaking is one of the most under rated skills learned in school. Have we ever thought why we need to study public speaking? Public speaking is important subject for three main reasons: dealing with fear and anxiety, improve the persuasive ability, develop body language skill. Some people usually worry about their speech, so the first reason why we need to study public speaking is dealing with fear and anxiety. There are a lot of presentations in the student’s life. Although we prepare carefully at home, we still fear it when we stand up and talk about our topic for classmates and teacher. I have a friend who also afraid of speaking. At the last speaking test, her face was red, and her palms sweated heavily. However, she was very confident when she talked with everybody after she had taken public speaking. She said that teacher taught her the way to overcome her anxiety like practice thoroughly, relaxation, and don’t worry about any mistakes on our speech. In brief, our crisis will reduce if we study public speaking. We want to find a good job after we finish learning at school. Some companies require their employee have to have experience, high education level, and we need to have a strong persuasive ability. Therefore, it is important to study public speaking because we can improve the persuasive ability. In this class, we will study how to organize a speech before we talk. For example, we have a meeting to introduce about a new product. We will think the first part of speech we say about the name of product and reason why we choose this name, the second part is introduce information about the new product. We need to talk

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