Why Pro Athletes Choose to Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Johnson 1 Tim Johnson Professor Thomas English 101 October 9, 2014 Why pro athletes choose to use performance-enhancing drugs? Most people see pro athletes as superheroes. They have amazing athletic abilities that everyone enjoys watching and want to be around. Pro athletes are living out their dreams of getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport they have played since they were kids. Pro athletes are also viewed as winners because they perform at such a higher level than the average athlete. This being said, there is a price for pro athletes who enjoy the fame and success. It’s hard to maintain a competitive edge over other athletes and some athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to win. For instance, they use drugs that are considered illegal, and they could be banned from their profession if caught. Therefore, many athletes are willing to risk it all by taking performance enhancing drugs to be the best in their profession mainly for three reasons: the pressure to perform, the life style, and the desire to be the best. Athletes have to deal with pressure to perform by their coaches, owners, and by others playing his or her position. Coaches want the athletes to do well because more Johnson 2 than likely if the athletes do well, the team will win. Coaches are under more pressure to win than players because their jobs depend on winning games. If the players don’t perform well; coaches will look at other players to help the team win. On the other hand, an owner wants the athletes to do well because more fans will come to see the game, and that would mean more revenue for his team. Athletes are pressured by each other because they compete for the same lifestyle. Athletes also know that winning and performing well will lead to better

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