Why Poverty Essay

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Introduction The early independence years were confident and hopeful. Africa was thought to have a glorious future ahead, a land of young vibrant nations that would not only set their people free from operation but quickly end the blight of poverty and depression Early euphoria, however, was soon followed by instability, frustration and disappointment Little to celebrate and many have grown poorer. But Botswana impressively built democracy and raised raised its national income. Facts about Africa: The continent of Africa covers nearly 12 million square miles (31 million sq. km). Countries: 54 Africa is the second largest continent on earth, approximately 11.7 million square miles. Population: 1,032,532,974 Africa is the hottest continent on earth. Africa holds about 10% of the world's proven oil reserves What is poverty: Poverty is a multidimensional concept of human derivation. It can be manifested in the absence of enough food, poor health, and lack of education. It can also be viewed in terms of vulnerability of even exclusion from society More recent and significant broader, definitions also consider to be about the lack of opportunity or capacity to affect one’s own life. How we can measure poverty? How to measure Poverty: The simplest and most common way to evaluate poverty is income: How much does a person earn? Another ways to measure poverty is to look at other “quality of life” indicators. Typical examples include: life expectancy, literacy, or caloric intake One approach that tries to combine several dimensions into a single indThresholds, headcounts and gapsicator is Annual Human Development Index (HDI) This is how distinguish the poor from the nonpoor by setting the threshold or a “poverty lines” The poverty line can be set as absolute/ fixed limit like $1 of income per

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