Why Political Polls Were Wrong Analysis

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In the United States, surveys has been the something we could rely on to predict and determine political polls. The media has the power to provide us information about what is happening throughout the election process of who is running, winning, or other important details. Most of the citizens and government officials in our state, stated that the United States does not pay much of attention about polling. Sometimes, the political polls do not accurately represent the views on population either. However, I do believe that polls are inaccurate because of certain reasons and supports that has been talked about by specific people who knows a lot about polling. From the passage of Triola, Mario F. Elementary Statistics,…show more content…
Historian Andrew Land said that some people use statistics “as a drunken man uses lampposts-for support rather than illumination.” this mostly refer to abuses of statistics. Some people can be very unreliable, careless, or either ignorant. Many people who fill up their polls for who to pick, sometimes does not have an idea whether who to choose from. If they do not have anyone in mind they will just choose randomly. In the excerpt of “Why the Polls Were Wrong”, Greenberg Anna, talks about people in different races are cloaked in a giant mantle. Polling is the methology of surveys relies on a set of debatable assumptions about who is most likely turn out and vote on Election Day. Most voters are educated and affluent citizens, who are really motivated. Socio-economis status is associated with both political participation and conservative political preference. To indicate the predictions, the polls are screened tightly for those most likely to vote, adjusted predicted turnout and in some cases “weighted up” most of the times. This excerpt clearly indicates how officials make it work. Sometimes, they would try to cheat and win over the campaign, which is inaccurate with
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