Why Is The Pig'S Nose Ugly?

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Long long ago, the dog had only three legs, the rooster had no comb on the top of his head, and the pig’s nose was long. One day, God called the three animals in front of him to give them special missions on earth. God said, “Go down to the earth to do something very good for mankind. I will give you 30 days.” So they all went down to the earth to help mankind. The rooster said, “I think I can help mankind. Cock a -doodle-doo!!!!!!!! See? I have a beautiful voice. I will sing for the people. Bye!” So, the rooster left. And then the dog claimed that he could bark nicely like, “Ruff, ruff” So he said good bye to the pig. Being left alone, the pig thought and thought and thought. “What can I do for the humans?” He didn’t have a nice voice, so he was worried. After 30 days, God called the three animals in front of him again. First, he asked the rooster, “What did you do for the mankind?” And the rooster answered, “I sang with my beautiful voice every morning to wake the people up so they could start their day, and the people knew it was morning because of my song, Your majesty” God said, “You did a very good job for the mankind. So I will give you an ornament to make you even more beautiful” From then, the rooster had a beautiful comb on the top of its head. Next, God asked the dog what he did for the mankind and the dog answered, “My lord, I worked very hard for the mankind. I watched over their house day and night. So the people were safe. I didn’t sleep at night to protect their house from thieves.” God said, “You also did a very good job for the human. With three legs, you were very uncomfortable. So I will give you another leg.” From then, the dog had four legs. The dog was so happy with four legs, he didn’t want to ruin the fourth leg which was given by God. Ever since when he wanted to go to the bathroom, I mean, when he wanted to pee,
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