Why Physical Education Should Be Mandatory in Schools

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Physical education should be mandatory in all schools Over the past decades our culture has changed dramatically to which our nation was once a physically active nation, to a nation dependent on technological advances. There are many factors that affect the achievement and maintenance of a healthy life. Young people are growing into a diverse society which is characterized by rapid change, inactive work and leisure practices that influence unhealthy behaviours. The World Health Organization (WHO) identified physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk for global premature mortality and obesity. Primarily, the goal of physical education is a lifelong one. There are many benefits associated with participation in physical activity, as suggested by Richard Bailey (2006), which can be understood in terms of children's physical development , lifestyle development ,social development and affective development and cognitive develop. In other words, physical education and activity promotes good health and lifestyle choices, enabling relaxation of the mind and body and encourages teamwork developing social skills. So yes, I do believe that physical education should be mandatory in all schools as it would be beneficial to students’ mental and physical health. Physical education in schools is very beneficial to students’ physical development. For many children, school is the main environment for being physically active through either physical education activities or extra-curricular activities. As suggested by Richard Bailey (2006), this is the main institution to develop physical skills. Regular participation in such activities keeps children's bodies fit and strong reducing their risk of diseases. Physical activity makes the muscles in the body and heart stronger allowing more blood to be pumped into the body. Bones get thicker, ligaments and joints stronger and
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