Why People Stop Being Friends.

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Why people stop being friends. A friend is a person who shares feelings, takes care of others. Friendship is really important with people’s lives and it makes people’s lives in general more emotional, happier, and better. So It is always unpleasant when a tight and long friendship suddenly comes to an end. A feeling that you have lost something important appears and causes sadness and soul emptiness. Although sometimes people just break their friendship and become stingers, even when they don’t mean to do that. What are the reasons for the people to cut off their friendship? because of three main reasons : peer pressure,trust, and strong jealousy cause people to stop being friends. The first reason why the people stop being friends is peer pressure. It is true that we can't live alone or we can't live without friends. But it is our choice to be in a right path. We should choose the people who can be trusted and will give us good influence. We should be strong enough to say no if someone's asking us to do bad things. The most common reason is that trust that is especially things you can’t tell your friends. Finally, Strong jealousy and unhealthy competition can make people stop being friends. Most women feel a sense of competition from time to time toward the women in their lives. Psychologist Irene Levine, author of "Best Friends Forever," explains that women naturally compare themselves to their friends. Jealousy and competition are natural reactions to a friend having more, whether it's possessions, achievements or looks. It is important to be aware of those competitive feelings and learn how to cope with them. Jealousy can lead to anger, causing you to avoid your friend or show aggressive behavior toward her. For a example when your friend become successful at work or buys a new car and also when your friend gets high good grade

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