Why People Should Ride on Their Bike for Short Distance Trips? Essay

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I love biking. Why? Because it is my stress reliever. What a like about bike riding is it not only makes you physically fit and active, but it also enjoyable because of the scenery of nature. Whenever I go to a short trip like going to my friend’s house or McDonalds, I use my bike instead of a car. Biking has become one of great transportations to move a person from one place to another. Today, I would like discuss why the people should ride on their bike for short trips instead of a car. Although bike riding is not a common mode of transportation in Florida, bike riding for just a short period has many benefits not only in our health, but also in our financial benefits and environmental. Now that we have given an overview, let us start with the health benefits. Everybody knows that going for a bike ride is the same as doing an exercise. Bike riding helps a person to improve his/her self physically and mentally. For instance, taking a 10-mile trip once a week will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack this is because you are using the largest group of your muscle; the legs to raise your heart rate to improve your stamina and make you fit. Studies have shown that cycling increase cardiovascular fitness by 3-7% as stated by Jerry Travers from his article title Health Benefits of Cycling. Moreover, cycling for 20-30 minutes is a great exercise to help burn those unwanted fats and keep you fit. However, this depends in your weight and exertion level in cycling. For example, if you weigh 148 pounds and your travel time is 20 minutes, you would burn 188 calories according to a calories calculator. In addition, regular bike riding reduces mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Everybody needs to relax and rejuvenates from everyday-stress in school or work. For that reason, bike riding is

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