Why People Should Be Naked

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There is a major problem that affects everybody in today's world, and that is that we are under the microscope every day. Like it or not, everyone is judged by how they look, how they dress, and how they carry themselves. This is why clothes should be burned forever. If clothes were never invented, there would be no problem where "society continues to punish women for outward displays of their sexuality," which is what is happening according to Tara Culp-Ressler, a writer in ThinkProgress. When you get a group of naked people together, everyone starts to look the same. This means that no one would be judged by what they wear and this would lead to less hatred and judgment towards one another, because everyone would be a lot more mellow and polite to each other. People would probably trust each other easier and do more business. A nude world means there would be no more fighting ever, because no one wants to fight naked. Horrible tan lines is one of the leading self-image issues in the world, and with every part of the human body being exposed to the sun with no clothes, horrible tan lines would never be a problem again. Women would talk 50% less as the phrase, “Do I look fat in this?” ceases to exist. They would have all kinds of time to ponder other things since they’d now know immediately if a guy found them attractive or not. With no clothes on, there is the problem that everyone would feel insecure about their naked body image. There is only one possibly logical solution to fix this problem. It should be enacted that liposuction and plastic surgery should be affordable for people of all ages, gender, social class, race, and places in the world. It would be convenient and accessible for everyone. Everyone would be beautiful. A Utopian society will finally happen, because everyone would get along with one another. Everyone has arms, legs, eyes, mouths, and
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