Why people like horror movies?

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There are many different kinds of movies that attract human beings in this world. There are kind of them called “Horror Movie” or “Horror Film.” This kind of movie strives to capture responses of fear, horror and terror from viewers. Their plots frequently involve themes of the supernatural. Horror movies always make people have different feelings when they were watching it. Most people like to watch horror movies even though it certainly seems counterintuitive, and people also know they will be frightening. Why do people enjoy violent entertainment, especially the horror movies? The reasons are people always want to feel mixed emotions of fear and pleasure, to satisfy their curiosities to experience excitement, especially young people and adolescent boys who want to be accepted. People always want to feel mixed emotions of fear and pleasure when they are enjoy the violent entertainment, especially the horror movie. According to Suzanne Wu’s article, Horror movies certainly seem counterintuitive that so many people would voluntarily immerse themselves in almost two hours of fear, disgust and terror.” Wu states that researchers most often use one of two established theories to explain the attraction of horror movies. The theories that Wu describes, that people watch horror movies either because they are not actually afraid or because it is worth being afraid to experience a euphoric relief, are validated by additional research, as well as Andrade and Cohen’s theory that people can experience both positive and negative effects simultaneously while watching horror movies. It is supported by their own clinical studies, Andrade and Cohen explains, “We believe that a reevaluation of the two dominant explanations for people’s willingness to consume “negative” experiences (both of which assume that people cannot experience negative and positive emotions simultaneously) is
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