Why People Join Unions

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In my opinion, I do believe that people have joined unions because they think that it is a logical decision. In reference to Maslow’s description of hierarchy, joining a union satisfies multiply human needs. As stated on page 20 in the text, physiological needs such as food, water, clothing, and shelter, is the main priority for man to satisfy before he or she can begin to focus on anything else. This level of the hierarchy scale doesn’t pertain to unions alone; obviously as long as a person is employed they are able to fulfill their need for food at the very least. However, this does lead to the next level to focus on which according to Maslow is safety. Safety elements include but are not limited to staying out of the way of danger and or threats. Again, unions are not the only answer to keeping you safe, but they do offer more protection against certain unethical practices such as management discrimination and favoritism in the work environment. I’m sure at some point or another everyone has either seen someone or have been subjected themselves to not getting a certain promotion or wage increase mainly because they were not related to or close with the manager regardless of their proven ability to complete the tasks asked of them. Social needs are the next level on Maslow’s list. Unions are able to satisfy social needs because they offer the ability for people to meet and socialize at places such as vacation retreats, athletic facilities, and adult education programs. By organizing these types of recreational programs employees are able to socialize with other people who have similar interests and beliefs. It also gives them a sense of belonging and being accepted. The final needs indicated on Maslow’s Need Hierarchy, are the higher needs. This level consists of self-esteem needs, self-confidence, status needs, and self-fulfillment. Unions give workers a voice by

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