Why People Carry Guns

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Why People Carry Guns The awareness of the rapidly changing society around us is becoming more and more clarified each day. People no longer think the same. They have failed to recognize that citizens of a community are all human beings and must look out for the wellness of each other. Due to the changes in society, people have taken security into their own hands. There are many reasons why ordinary people would carry guns. When observing the world, individuals can recognize that the main reason a person may carry a gun is for personal security. From having a gun for personal security can develop many other reasons can be developed. For example, there is a man being transferred to a new state to fulfill a duty for his job. Why would he carry a gun? The answer should be of no surprise—he is in a new, strange environment, and knows no one there; the houses in the neighborhood are at least 45 minutes away from each other. For these reasons, he should carry a gun on him because it provides him with security when isolated in a new and strange environment. Lately, people seem to have less and less respect for personal property of others. A twenty-five year-old man passes a beautiful house o a huge private property and makes a decision that he wants to have a look inside. When he arrives in front of the gate, there is a large sign stating, “NO TRESPASSING.” The young man peeks through the gate and observes that no one is in the yard. So he decides to ignore the sign and enter the property. Ten minutes into the property, the man heeds to the sound of two gunshots out of nowhere and gets shot by the third one. It was the owner of the property who shot him. The owner has a right to do so. If the man had followed the instructions clearly stated on the sign, he would have not found himself in the dilemma he was confronted with. People thus sometimes hold guns to show
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