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Why People Believe In God Essay

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  • on February 27, 2012
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Notes on: http://www.wayofthemind.org/2006/09/27/why-do-people-believe-in-god/
Why do people believe in God
  * People can’t explain the existence or origin of something, so people believe God must have done it
Back to the origination of the human species people didn’t know a lot of things about the universe however through scientific discoveries there are only a few things left to discover. E.g. how did the universe and life begin

  * The universe seems too complex, too ordered, too beautiful to have appeared naturally
Some people think things seem too interconnected to have appeared randomly and how everything we need to survive was created for us by a supreme force.

  * People have been educated that way
People accept knowledge on authority and not through their own discovery. Parents and teachers can also be wrong (Earth being centre of universe/Whites being more supreme than blacks). People accept rather than question. When people accept their parents religion it was randomly selected so no one can be sure if it’s the right one.

  * Believing in a supreme being gives life a purpose or meaning
Among religious people, this belief is popular. Life seems so hard or upsetting or boring that there must more to it like destiny. People believe what they want to believe

  * Feeling the presence or touch of God.
Feelings are subjective. We feel what we want to feel or expect to feel, this is either wishful thinking or a placebo effect (When someone says something is definitely there and we believe it).

  * Comforting to believe someone is looking after you.
Such a comfort can be dangerous. This is because if the person believes that god protects the person then they should be untouchable or immortal. Believing this can lead to dangerous decisions. If they do not believe this then they can’t believe that God is protecting them.

  * Fear of death allows people to comfort themselves with the afterlife.
The fact that loved ones have died...

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