Why People Abuse Essay

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Why do people abuse? How can I stop an abuser? - Someone close to me has mentioned that he enjoys torturing 0-6 month old babies and 0-2 year old animals. He's a very big man and I'm afraid that he may actually do the things he said. Like slapping a baby silly or hitting tiny animals for no reason. I don't pretend to know why such people do things like this but it's sad because this man has 6 children and 8 grandchildren. Also because our wonderful cat just had 6 beautiful little kittens who are all of 7 days old as of the time of this post and this guy's son, my nephew, wants one of our kittens, but I want our kittens to go to a good home and since my brother-in-law confessed to this, he said he was joking, but I'd seen how he abused his youngest son, and although I continually stuck up for little nephew who's 11 now and very overweight probably due to the abuse, everyone put me down saying it was okay, it was just how his parents wanted to discipline him. I even tried to reason with them asking if they would like to get hit at work for every tiny infraction. Others also stopped me from calling child protective services on them, but someone did and they covered their tracks well. I'm afraid to give my nephew the baby kitten after it's weaned from it's mother. I know he's a sensitive and loving little boy, but I think his father uses his loving ways against him because the father sees the boy's love as a weakness rather than a strength. He thinks pets are for sissies and need to be constantly tortured so that they live in terrified fear of all humans. Do you think this man was abused as a child and has now taken on the role of abuser on such tiny baby humans and animals as a god-comple Abuse doesn't change Growing up my father was very much a mental abuser. I listened to him cuss and scream my mother almost daily, then he would turn on me and keep my self

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