Why Peace Was Not Possible In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ peace was not possible for the boys on the island for multiple reasons. This was mainly because of the conflict between Ralph and Jack, and the great contrast in their leadership styles. Ralph lead in a fair democratic while Jack’s leadership style is a polar opposite of Ralph’s; He is evil and unfair and treats the littluns and Piggy especially bad. From the beginning Jack tries to establish himself as the leader, When Ralph suggests they should have a chief Jack says” I ought to be chief...because I’m chapter chorister and head boy I can sing C sharp” (29). Jacks priorities are very different to Ralph, he feels like doing, later, to take power away from Ralph and lastly, to get rid of anyone who opposes him. Once Jack losses the vote to Ralph as leader of the group (Golding 19), after he loses the election to Ralph, he becomes quick to oppose everything Ralph plans to do. He states that his job is going to be to hunt pigs so he could provide the boys with meat and himself with something to pass the time and oppose Ralph’s ideas. Jack does whatever suits his interests an example of this is when the signal fire goes out and Jack only cares that they killed a pig. Ralph is the opposite of Jack, he believes in leading with a democratic style, which gives people freedom of opinion, as well as equality to all group members. He thinks about everyone and not just himself. He is also sensitive to the feelings of others; an example of this is when he tells everyone that everyone that Piggy is called Piggy when he was told not to, and Piggy tells him about it afterwards, Ralph realises he is hurt while Jack pretends not to notice anything.””Look” Jack and Simon Pretended not to notice anything, They walked on ...”You told ‘em after what I said” ...”About being called Piggy...Stillness descended on them, Ralph, looking with more understanding

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