Why Parents Are Not Always Right.

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Speech #1 Parents are not always right. Parents, are humans. Humans, make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. However, most parents THINK they're always right. Because they think that they are older and more knowledgeable, (which is true) they will never make mistakes. However, it is because that they think that they're older and more knowledgeable they make the mistakes. Often, they do not admit their mistakes or they make up excuses like "I'm testing you". There are a handful of parents in this authoritative world which do admit to their mistakes, like mine, sometimes. However, they are still not always right. Being right and thinking that you're right are two different things completely. If a parent keeps thinking he is always right, several problems will occur. If the child is powerless to the situation, or is in no position to conduct an argument, the child would be mistaken, resulting in another two possible outcomes. One, if the child is of a younger age, he will feel unjustly treated, but will let it pass. Two, if it is a teenager, he or she might hold a grudge against the parent, complicating issues. They will then be at an emotional war. But most of the times its the insecurity of the parents especially in the major chunk of the middle class population of India, that determines the decision making of the parents towards their children. Every decision they make depends on which aspect of the child and the perception of the parent at that point of time. Sometimes what the parent could not achieve in life, they want to achieve such lost or unattempted goals through their children, Consequentially with the change of time, the interest levels of the child are undermined and sacrificed. What the parents could not achieve then, must have been pertinent then...but not today. It is this missing link of the thought process, which brings in conflicting situations in
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