Why Obama Won The 2012 Election Essay

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"To what extent was it Romney's '47%' comments that meant Obama won the 2012 Presidential Election? 45 marks. Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama. However the election on paper seemed to favour Romney, Obama in his first term had faced unemployment as high as 10% and it sat at 8% before Election Day. The economy was still facing an upward struggle and suggested that Obama had failed to deliver on promises made in his campaign. As many Americans still believe the economy was poor with 76% of voters in 2012 believing it was ‘not so good or poor.’ There are a number of key factors that attribute to his failure such as his 47% comment however there are other factors such as the strength of Obama’s campaign and Romney’s…show more content…
Many aspects of his life such as his Mormon beliefs, private business and family where no-go topics. He wasn’t as relatable as a character to Obama who you could clearly track his journey and private life through his transparency as a candidate. It lead to confusion on Romney as a candidate with many describing him as ‘flip-flopping’ on his views, seen as a moderate Republican who was uncomfortable playing as a tea party Conservative. This can be seen where in Massachusetts where he was Governor he implemented Healthcare reforms however these were drowned out in his campaign as he had to tackle Obama’s Healthcare reform and therefore would not reflect well on his campaign. Such confusion meant that the die hard Republicans and Moderate Republicans both felt confused on his stance and therefore would have lead to a shrinking in his voter base. Typically Romney would garner a greater portion of the white vote however in 2012 in Ohio 329,000 fewer whites voted, which shows Romney’s failure to get out support and general connection to his voter base in such a key swing
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