Why Nursing Writing Assignment

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Why Nursing? Writing Assignment
Justin Bluff
Spartanburg Community College

People who work in healthcare are a different breed from the average person. For the most part their patience is endless, their determination to manage some of the worst situations we could imagine is incredible, and that internal drive to care for their fellow man knows no bounds. I truly believe nurses aren’t made there born with the instinct to help others and satisfy their drive to be the best that they can in helping lives. That’s the person I want to become, giving me the opportunity to care for others and be a source of information and education for people who desperately need to make a life style change. I pray once I become a nurse I can successfully turn my character weaknesses into strengths. Since I can remember I have always listened out for the opportunity to be “that guy” jumping into group discussions to teach and clarify an unknown topic in a group discussion, to others I’m sure it’s just an annoying personality trait but to me it’s a chance to challenge my knowledge and research the topic until I am able to teach it fluently to others. Becoming a nurse gives me that same opportunity to teach people good health promotion strategies, rehabilitation exercises, and anything else to give the patient an opportunity to live a longer healthier life. It’s also frustrating to hit a ceiling in your career, not being able to advance any further in that profession without additional education. I watch the nurses I work with in the rehabilitation setting and they have so much more freedom to really work with educating the patient on a one-on-one level, use the tools they’ve learned as a nurse to find the root of a patient’s reason for being in rehabilitation, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals in a discharge plan. I look forward to using the nursing

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