Why Not Go Into Politics

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Why not go into Politics By: YSA “Politics is the art of looking trouble, Finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. “ – Ernest Benn. My speech is about why not going into Politics. First of all, I am not discouraging you to join Politics, for those who are part of it, fond of it and interested with it, please excuse my speech. I have no intention to disrespect you with my speech. This is based on my personal experience, opinion and insight about this matter. I admit that I grew up in a world of politics, my dad was a former politician, and my relatives also entered the world of politics. Growing up in that kind of environment is really frustrating, I am really against it. I even asked my dad to stop it, but he said “Once you enter something, it’s really hard to turn your back on that”. So I kept my mouth shut. There are moments when I get tired hearing words like “you have to be like this, do this, change this, and be good and more”. It’s really so frustrating as time goes by. It’s as if you don’t have freedom to do stuffs you really want to do, because people are looking at you, Even though you don’t know them, they act as if they really know you, and one mistake can change everything. My dad would always remind us that we have Reputation we have to take care of. But what is reputation anyway, that’s my first reaction and my sister and I are so mad because of that, well reputation means a lot. Anyway too much for this personal experience and let me tell you why not go into politics. I just wanted you to give some information how I lived the life of politics which frustrates me a lot way back. And I know some of you know the feeling I felt way back then. For me Politics is dirty, very dirty. You can’t trust anyone but yourself. In the real world of Politics everyone is your rival. Even your so called “party
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