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Why New Zealanders Vote Essay

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Factors that motivate New Zealanders to vote the way they do

      Personal interests

      There are many factors that motivate the people from New Zealand to vote the way they do these factors are many but more specifically may include some of the following factors. One, there it the reason that the people vote so that their interests may be fulfilled.   This is commonly being referred to as self interest. Here the voters tend to treat the process more like a gamble or a market place where they shop for the party which they want to vote for.

      Personal interests play a major role in the determination of the voting pattern of the people of New Zealand. Usually, there is the minor and the major parties which are featured when awarding the number of representation. This is because under the system of MPP, there is usually a proportion that is allocated to each party according to their number of votes received. This therefore makes sure that there are the governmental strengths and the representations fairness.[1] Therefore there is always a compensatory formula to allocate seat to the minor parties and the geographical representation so that those places that have less support are also represented in the government.

Age trend in the New Zealanders voting

      It is estimated that almost 92% of the eligible voters in New Zealand turned out to vote in 1972 but in 2002, only 80% of the total votes came out to vote. Of these it is said that 72% are the young people who didn’t vote citing the following reasons. One that their votes do not count, their votes won’t make any difference or because they think that voting is a boring and nasty exercise.   See the figure below.[2]

Non-voting by age (in %)


      Political participation

      Another reason that make people vote the way they do is the political participation. Here the people tend to consider the opportunity cost that is available in going to elect a candidate. , if they...

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