Why Move To Florida

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The Sunshine State some come to visit other come to stay. There’s so many things that you’ll never get bored, you should really move to Florida like I did and I guarantee you it will become your favorite state because of the climate, amusement parks, and the wonderful cruise lines that come in and out from our ports. First of all, in Florida there’s a humid subtropical climate and all year long it’s pretty much summer. You can be in shorts and a tank top and never be cold. In fact snow in Florida is a rare occurrence only During the Great Blizzard of 1899, Florida experienced blizzard conditions, its the only time the temperature in the state is known to have fallen below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But the most widespread snowfall in Florida history happened on 19 January 1977, when snow fell over much of the state. Snow flurries fell on Miami Beach for the only time in recorded history. Florida is also well-knowed for its beautiful beaches especially Miami Beach, it’s a place to just stay and forget about all your troubles and come party ,shop ,and get a tan. Secondly, Florida has the wonderful Walt Disney World Resort. Its offer…show more content…
There’s eight cruise lines that leave our cruise terminal; Azamara Cruise Lines ,Carnival Cruise Lines ,Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises ,Fred Olsen Cruise Lines ,Norwegian Cruise Lines ,Oceania Cruises ,Royal Caribbean International. I have personally have had the pleasure to enjoy Carnival Cruise lines twice to Puerto Rico and Bahamas. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The services in the cruise were five star perfect including the food, entertainment, pools, and especially the spa. On my first trip I went to the spa with my aunt and got a great massage. Both of the Cruises that I went to had about four pools and seven to eight Jacuzzis. Not every state can offer cruses because they don’t have a cruise terminal, but here in Florida we
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