Why Most Students Fail in College

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Your son or daughter has just got a mock exam/test result and has failed miserably. He/she did lots of revision, but said he/she had a complete blank when faced with the paper. So what went wrong? Here are the top reasons why students fail. 1. Not Enough Revision First things first, revision does not = reading. Revising is an active process. Students really don’t understand what they are reading. They should know what every word means, be able to analyse every diagram, bullet point, graph and date. Mind maps, mnemonics, highlighting key point and notes summaries on cards are all useful ways of doing active revision. 2. Starting Revision Too Late The path to success lies in good planning. Start revision early. Little and often is better than a mad panic at the end. Revision should be started so that there is enough time to understand, learn, memorise and to practice past papers. Students should create a revision timetable and stick to it. This will ensure that all the topics are covered and not just the ones the student likes. They should go over work a day later and then a week later. 3. Stressing Too Much Students can put themselves under unnecessary pressure during exam season. Parents can relieve the burden by making sure that they are eating regularly and getting enough sleep. Tiredness makes revision ineffective and affects performance in exams. Revise for maximum 30 minute intervals and then have a 5 minute break. The exam should be treated as a normal school or college day, other than that they are doing an exam. Follow your normal routine will help you relax. 4. Running out of time in the exam Students should answer all the easy questions first and then go back to the ones they have missed out. They should spend more time on high mark questions and only answer questions they are asked to. 5. Misreading the question It’s one of the

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