Why Marxism Is Scientific

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WHY MARXISM IS SCIENTIFIC Why Marxism is Scientific Introduction This paper provides answers to the question: Why Marxism is Scientific. It is divided into various sections that examine the scientific basis of Marxism. The first section provides answers to aspects of Marxism that make it scientific. Within this section it is evident that scientific knowledge develops from a foundation of claims, which are guarded by theories. The development of scientific knowledge and methods is progressive as opposed to being degenerative, and is consistent with the theories. Just like the theories depicted in Marxism, some of the claims and theories in science have come to pass. The second section illustrates that the history of the development of Marxism is scientific and it conforms to the progressive development common to the development of scientific knowledge. The last section illustrates various aspects of Marxism related to science. Why is Marxism Scientific The postulation that Marxism is scientific is based on the claim by modern day economists. However, the failure of modern day economics to find solutions to the current economic crisis tends to disregard its scientific basis. The failure of the current discipline of economists to find solutions to the ongoing economic crisis despite the availability of powerful computer technologies and numerous theories of classical economics is a likely indication that Marxism is relatively stronger and possibly more scientific. This is because of its ability to predict solutions to future problems (Gasper, 1998). The scientific nature of Marxism is best explained with regard to the concepts of the Darwinian evolution. According to Marxism, the evolution of the society is very similar to the evolution of life characterized by changes over time. These changes occur in adaptive patterns induced by random events. Marxism is
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