Why Lenne Killed George. Of Mice And Men.

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In "Of Mice and Mens" conclusion George shoots Lennie in the back of the head. Some people believe that George made the right decision, by killing Lennie mercifully, I am among those people. Others negatively judge his actions because they don't think it was his decision to make. I have to disagree with the people that say it wasn't his decision because he was Lennie's sole care-taker following Lennie's aunts death. George is really the only person that could make that heart-wrenching decision. Furthermore, George didn't want to kill Lennie, but it was his only choice. Any person reading this novella can see that Lennie was a huge burden, George never let Lennie know that he was inconveniencing him, however, sometimes Lennie could tell. When Lennie did notice he offered to live in a cave, and keep mice as company, George pleaded and said he didn't want him to go, even though his life would have been much simpler without Lennie. George grew to love Lennie, their friendship was an unbreakable bond. Which only Slim, another ranch hand, could understand. The other ranch workers couldn't see why George was so upset post murder. They did not know what really happened. They didn't know Lenny didn't try to harm George at all, or that Lennie died a fast, tranquil death. If there was another option, I'm sure George wouldn't have killed Lennie. However; In the end Curly would have lynched Lennie as punishment for the murder of his wife. Only George could look past Lennie's tragic mistakes, sadly this time George was not able to control the situation. Besides, George knew that Lennie would not understand the reasoning behind Curley lynching him, he could have gone crazy and killed the whole ranch staff. George knew that, so he tricked Lennie into his own comfortable death. The fact that Lennie died next to his lifelong friend, imagining an unattainable dream that George and
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