Why Kids Do Drugs

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Moore, Joely Clute 4th Period 2012 Febuary 28 Why Kids Do Drugs In many high schools just like Caney Creek teenagers are getting caught with drugs of all different types. They sell, smoke, even make plans to hang out with their friends in order to use them. Kids and teens of all ages are using them daily, but who is trying to make them stop? Their parents probably have no idea unless they just don't care and their friends are just being pulled into doing it too. The kids doing drugs are able to keep it hidden without a problem so there's nothing that stopping them from making it worse than what it already is. The main reason teens do drugs is because the avalibility. It's not hard to get ahold of drugs. They're everywhere in the schools, and public. The second reason is curiousity. So many kids talk about it being amazing. How they get put in a "different world." How it's more of a natural high and when they have that it seems like they have no worries. They do it in order for them to have an "escape from reality." Peer pressure is a big reason. Teens do drugs then go to their friends and brag about how it was so amazing, but really all there doing is pulling someone into something they dont need to be a part of. It's wrong for them to even do that. That's supposed to something you keep to yourself and not tell the public. Some teens do drugs because they are insecure about themselves. They feel like a nobody in their social life and/or feel left out by the rest of their peers. Others might do it out of boredom. They have nothing else to do so why not make their life feel exciting by doing drugs? Maybe because they have no life or because they're too lazy to find something to occupy their time. The thought of failure or not capeable of succeeding is a very big component of doing drugs. Every teenager needs a little bit of success on a regular basis.

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