Why Join American University In Cairo?

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Why join AUC? University is a major player in shaping any person's future. It gives him/her the basic initials one needs to survive in life. The American university in Cairo is a perfect example of this kind of universities. It provides a certain standard of education that no any other university in Egypt does. Knowing its high education, standard of students and teachers and the validity of its certificate, I decided to join the American university in Cairo. People from Egypt and all over the world wish to join AUC. Its certificate is known worldwide and any company can accept me if I graduated from AUC. It is considered a priority in the field of high education. The universities staff is diverse; they have teachers from all over the world who are specialized in their fields. In the AUC you are not only taught subjects but you learn to live the real life in either your country or if your planning to travel abroad. They have exchange programs in which you can travel to continue your education in the United States. Another advantage is that people make a lot of friends there worldwide. What I most liked about AUC is that they are interested in sports. They take sports very seriously in the university; there is a team which has tournaments and travels to play with foreign teams. Despite the wide selection of universities in Egypt, I chose AUC because it doesn’t only care about education. They care about education very much but next to it social life, sport life and most of all the future of their students. With the opening of the new campus of the American university in Cairo in Qattameya, students at the universities will have more freedom, it will be safer that in Tahrir square. The university always tries to provide its campus with the latest facilities and it's labs with the most sophisticated equipment and technology, all for the benefit of its students.

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