Why Its Important To Turn Things In On Time Essay

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Why It Is Important To Turn Things In On Time Spc. Chris Miller Not making timelines can have a lot of serious consequences. Let’s say you have an OPORDER that is due by a certain time. The mission that the OPORDER covers is a THT raid on a high value target’s house. Without the OPORDER, the mission can not take place in an effective manner. Without proper planning and a set way of doing things, things can turn out to be very dangerous, even so to the point where someone can be seriously injured or even killed. Also, if you can’t turn assignments in on time, it slowly starts to show that you are incapable of completing a task. If you can’t be trusted to complete a task, you won’t be trusted to lead a squad. Your subordinates will emulate your actions. If they see that you don’t turn in things when you are supposed to, they themselves are going to start on the downward spiral to becoming lazy and insubordinate by not turning in assignments on time as well. If you can’t turn things in on time, how other people view your integrity and loyalty, and how other people view your integrity and loyalty will affect what position your senior leadership will be willing to put you in. If you can’t be punctual with assignments, you may as well not try to further your career. The most important characteristic of a soldier in the military is the ability to be punctual in not only when you have to be somewhere, but also the ability to be punctual on handing in tasks and assignments. Sometimes you may be asked to do a task, but you may not have very much time allotted to you. No matter how much time you have allotted to you, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to exceed not only the conditions standard, but the time standard as well. That way there will be no doubt in your senior leadership’s mind that you are

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